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EC-MOD - The EC-MOD data set consists of gross primary productivity (GPP), net ecosystem exchange (NEE), ecosystem respiration (ER), and evapotranspiration (ET) at 1km spatial resolution and 8-day time step over North America for the period from March 2000 to December 2012 (Xiao et al. 2014). It was developed from eddy covariance (EC) flux data, MODIS data streams, micrometeorological reanlaysis data, stand age, and aboveground biomass data using a data-driven approach (Xiao et al. 2008, 2010, 2011).

GOSIF - The GOSIF product is a new global, OCO-2-based SIF (solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescenc) data set with high spatial and temporal resolutions (i.e., 0.05-degree, 8-day) over the period 2000-2017 based on discrete OCO-2 SIF soundings, remote sensing data from MODIS, and meteorological reanalysis data (Li and Xiao, 2019).