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About our group

Our research is motivated by the compelling need to understand the impacts of climate change and human activities on the Earth’s biosphere and the feedbacks to the climate. We strive to answer major science questions on global carbon/water cycles, climate-vegetation interactions, ecosystem dynamics, and coupled natural and human systems. We combine terrestrial biosphere modeling, remote sensing, field measurements, upscaling, model-data fusion, and statistical analysis to answer these science questions.

Dr. Jingfeng Xiao (CV in PDF)

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You are welcomed to submit your manuscript to our ongoing special issue in Forests: Afforestation and Reforestation: Drivers, Dynamics, and Impacts, Guest editors: J. Xiao, G. Sun, L. Hao, G. Dong, Z. Zhang


Highlights on recent papers:

Li, X.*, Xiao, J., He, B. (2018) Chlorophyll fluorescence observed by OCO-2 is strongly related to gross primary productivity estimated from flux towers in temperate forests. Remote Sensing of Environment, 204, 659-671. [PDF]

Lu, W.*, Xiao, J., Liu, F., Zhang, Y., Liu,C., Lin, G. (2017) Contrasting ecosystem CO2 fluxes of inland and coastal wetlands: A meta-analysis of eddy covariance data. Global Change Biology, 23, 1180-1198, doi: 10.1111/gcb.13424. [PDF]

Liu, Y.*, Xiao, J., Ju, W., Xu, K., Zhou, Y., Zhao, Y. (2016) Recent trends in vegetation greenness in China significantly altered annual evapotranspiration and water yield. Environmental Research Letters, 11, 094010, doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/9/094010. [PDF]

Xiao, J., Y. Zhou, Y., Zhang, L. (2015) Contributions of natural and human factors to increases in vegetation productivity in China. Ecosphere 6(11):233.

Thorn, A.M.*, Xiao, J., Ollinger, S.V. (2015) Generalization and evaluation of the process-based forest ecosystem model PnET-CN for other biomes. Ecosphere 6(3):43. [PDF]


Group news:



Xing's paper has been accepted by Environmental Research Letters. Our study shows that the reduction in photosynthesis of Amazon forests during the 2015 drought was partly offset by higher absorbed solar radiation.


Xufeng's paper titled No consistent evidence for advancing or delaying trends in spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau is published in Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences today.



Yibo's manuscript is pubished in Remote Sensing of Environment. Our study demonstrates that satellite-derived leaf area index (LAI) products exhibit large discrepancies and can also lead to substantial uncertainty in carbon and water fluxes simulated by terrestrial biosphere models.

Jingfeng, Xing, Haibo, and Xiaojuan attended the AGU Fall Meeting in New Orleans. Jingfeng chaired two sessions and also presented recent results on urban heat island. Xing presented recent findings on solar-induced chlorophyll fluorescence. Haibao introduced recent work on parameter estimation.

Xufeng's manuscript on phenology has been accepted by JGR: Biogeosciences. The major finding of the study is that there is no consistent evidence for advancing or delaying trends in spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau. Our study helps settle a long-term debate on spring phenology on the Tibetan Plateau.


Jingfeng attended the review committee meeting of the 2nd State of Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR-2) at the National Academy of Sciences. SOCCR-2 will be a timely and valuable report on the current status of the North American carbon cycle. It has been great to serve on this committee.

Xing presents his recent work on the photosynthesis of Amazon forests in response to drought at the 11th Graduate Climate Conference at Woods Hole, MA (November 10-12).


We had a group visit to the White Mountains on a sunny, warm day in mid-October. This is a good time to see fall foliage.


Xing's manuscript on chlorophyll fluorescence has been accepted by Remote Sensing of Environment. This study is timely by demonstrating that chlorophyll fluorescence observed by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) is strongly related to flux tower GPP in temperate forests. This is the first time that space-measured fluoresence is linked with photosynthesis at the ecosystem scale for temperate forests.

Jingfeng attended the 5th Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS) Science Conference at Oxford, UK and presented our recent work on the constraining of ecosystem carbon uptake using new satellite data observations (J. Xiao and X. Li).

We had a group dinner at Bella's Casual Dining on the evening of September 17th (Sunday).

Ms. Xiaojuan Huang (visiting PhD student) and Drs. Haibo Wang and Weizhi Lu (visiting scholars) joined our group and will conduct research in global ecology during their one-year stay. Welcome and have a fruitful year!


Jingfeng attended the 12th International Congress of Ecology in Beijing, China (August 21-25) and presented our new work on OCO-2 fluoresence (J. Xiao and X. Li).

Jingfeng attended the 14th United States-China Carbon Consortium (USCCC) annual meeting at Taiyuan, China (August 18-20th). He led a breakout discussion session on a potential synthesis paper and also presented our new work on terrestrial photosynthesis.


Jingfeng serves on a NASA review panel in Washington DC.


Dr. Baolin Xue's paper on global patterns of woody residence time is accepted by Global Biogeochemical Cycles.


Jingfeng serves on a review comittee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine.


Dr. Weizhi Lu's synthesis paper on wetland carbon fluxes is published in Global Change Biology.

Dr. Junmei Tang's paper titled Impacts of land use and socioeconomic patterns on urban heat island is published in International Journal of Remote Sensing.

More news


Prospective graduate students and postdocs (and visiting students or scholars):

Our group may have positions open for highly-motivated and productive graduate students or postdocs. Please contact me if you are interested. We also host highly-motivated visiting students or scholars.



Special issues:

Afforestation and Reforestation: Drivers, Dynamics, and Impacts, Forests, Guest editors: J. Xiao, G. Sun, L. Hao, G. Dong, Z. Zhang (deadline: July 25, 2018)


Impacts of Extreme Climate Events and Disturbances on Carbon Dynamics, Biogeosciences, Guest Editors: J. Xiao, S. Liu, P. Stoy


Advances in Upscaling of Eddy Covariance Measurements of Carbon and Water Fluxes, Journal of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences, Guest Editors: J. Xiao, K.J. Davis, M. Reichestein, J.Chen